Chemcycle demand that all chemical loads are accompanied by a fully qualified chemist, thereby insuring that the level of compliance is far greater than that required by the Environmental agency. All disposal sites used have been regularly audited by Chemcycle personnel. Only the larger treatment facilities are used in conjunction with our company, so as to give full assurance to our customers. All current Chemcycle personnel have a minimum of 14 years experience in the Waste/Environmental industry, so that we can offer the best in expert knowledge and complete customer confidence. Chemcycle will file and maintain copies of all the legislative paper work. Thereby aiding with due diligence and maintaining an effective environmental management system. Thus satisfying the customers environmental needs. We offer total waste management auditing through minimisation, recycling and collection to final disposal. CHEMCYCLE ARE POSSIBLY THE ONLY WASTE COMPANY THAT CAN GUARANTEE AN EXPERIENCED HONOURS DEGREE CHEMIST TO HELP & SUPERVISE ALL PICK UPS. FREE! We supply and affix approved UN labels to the waste containers, along with the packaging & supervision of loads to current legislation, (ADR, Duty of Care, Special waste legislation). As environmental legislation is increasing daily, this gives our customers the security of knowing that their environment needs are being totally satisfied.
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