Recycling & Sales and exchange In October 2010 as a result of our customers requests C.E.M. opened a facility in Hirwaun to take in small volume recyclables, the small volume (loose/baled/bagged) materials that larger recycling companies don’t want. (This will help with ISO14001). Recycling materials we mainly specialise in are: WEEE waste (electrical/computers/fridges/faxes/mobs etc) Fluorescent tubes/bulbs Small volume solvents/oils/aerosols Paper (bagged/baled/loose) Card (bagged/baled/loose) Plastics (bagged/baled/loose) Cans & foils (bagged/baled/loose) Woods/pallets Metals Furniture (clear outs etc) Site clearance storage for auction. Empty containers (IBC’s/25 lt/205 lt drums etc)
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We also have a large industrial customer base in which to setup waste exchange schemes. As well as the smaller scale recycling discussed above, we also facilitate larger volume recycling We also source and purchase Recycling equipment appropriate to site needs.